The Contenders

There numerous real estate agent website providers. But seldom do they do a website well.

Not every agent needs a website. But there are many good reasons to have a site. It’s also important to take your site seriously. 81% of people think less of business if their website is dated.


There isn’t a huge difference between a website designer and a website provider, so forgive me if there is some overlap.

The distinction that I try to make is that a designer is often a third party who modifies your website. A provider, instead, maintains your website, and perhaps even has its own CMS or system for building your site.

I created a list of the top website designers. Most of these companies design for WordPress websites.

My Personal Recommendation

I have built my own real estate website on WordPress, and the website you are looking at right now is also a WordPress site. I highly recommend strongly considering building your real estate website on the platform.

I love WordPress as an option because it can be just as powerful as any other website, but you can get started fairly cheap and just put more into it as you have time and resources. You are not stuck with any given provider and can bring folks in to help – or not. It’s all entirely up to you.  You completely own your website and everything about it.

But it does take a lot more work if you are going to do it yourself. And while the point of a CMS is so that you don’t have to do coding and HTML, you are likely going to be using and learning a little HTML and CSS along the way. It is not the best solution for agents who are allergic to the computer.

Use WordPress if…

  • You’re on a budget but want something you can get started with and stick with even as you grow
  • You are a perfectionist and want to have control over every detail of your website
  • You don’t want to be stuck with a particular website provider – your website is yours and moves with you


WordPress is not actually a website provider. It is a free, open-source content management system (CMS).

There is also still the misperception that WordPress is just for “blogs”. WordPress is for anything. In fact, over 30% of every website in the world is a WordPress site, including real estate sites.

WordPress is easily the most flexible and scalable website option for a real estate agent. Not only can it be a cheap option to compete with single-agent website options, but you can scale and develop it into a major team, brokerage, or even enterprise-level website.

It also takes more work and attention if you are going to build it yourself. You can also hire a website developer to build and manage a site for you, although that option starts becoming more expensive quickly.

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for WordPress reviews as a real estate website platform!

Maybe you just need a website to maintain your online presence, like a business card. Maybe you need a branded home search destination to send your home buyers. Or maybe you want to rule hyperlocal SEO and have a powerful real estate lead generation site that can rank on Google.

Below are some of the best websites for real estate agents.

WordPress is very SEO friendly, especially with the kinds of resources out there like SEO plugins and the like. Easy Agent Pro is a valid choice for those looking for something with SEO potential, but it will not have the same upside potential as a well-optimized WordPress site.

WordPress is one of the best real estate websites for lead generation for anyone focused on SEO and content marketing. If you plan on blog posts as a core of your business, WordPress should be a strong contender for your business.

WordPress is easily the most customizable website solution available, and it’s not close.

WordPress has 10,000s of free and paid plugins available on the web for use in customizing and optimizing your site to your liking, as well as 10,000s of free and paid themes for creating different designs and layouts. There is no way a single website provider can compete with that kind of flexibility.


WordPress is highly customizable, meaning that there are all sorts of designs you can adopt. But for something that looks great out-of-the-box, Easy Agent Pro is the winner. It has a great, modern aesthetic that can compete with the front end of just about any real estate website.

Building a website is about more than checking a box. Your website is your online presence. It is often a potential client’s first impression of your real estate business. It is an opportunity for building trust with a future buyer and seller.