Social Media

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Was your last Facebook post months ago? Can’t remember the password to your LinkedIn profile? Or maybe you just need a better way of managing or scaling your social media efforts across platforms?

Your problems are not unique among Realtors, and there are many great tools out there to help you crush real estate social media marketing.

A few of these tools are industry agnostic – they are not specifically for realtors. But a few were built with real estate agents in mind and customized to agents’ needs. Some do more than just social media and can take over your entire digital marketing presence.

They are also oriented toward opposite social media mentalities. The first three are highly automated and best for an agent who wants to outsource a fair amount of their social media.

The second three are just dashboards that allow the agent to control and manage their social media. They are better for the agent who does not want to outsource but rather is very involved in building an audience on social media channels.

Here are a few systems to explore using to take your social media game to the next level.

CRMs and Platforms

Some CRMs and Platforms have robust and useful social media marketing components that help inform or automate your social media strategy.

These are mostly DIY and won’t likely replace the solutions above. But they can have very useful tools for real estate agents to integrate into your social media strategy.  Some of the best examples with great social media tools include: