Lead Platform Costs

Be prepared to pay for leads… $3,000+ per month

The cost of Zillow Premier Agent is determined by two major factors: The average home price in your chosen zip code and the number of other agents competing for space. Using Zillow Premier’s cost estimator for Michigan, for example, we found monthly ad budgets ranging from just shy of $150 to close to $1,000.

We used one of Zillow’s tools for helping agents determine where they want to advertise and how much they want to spend.

One thought on “Lead Platform Costs

  1. Leads were beyond suspicious and in my humble opinion, consisted primarily of fake leads. So if a lead costs $10 then assume a sale would cost a $1000 (100 leads at $10 each). If that is less than the profit you made on the home sale then it may be a good source. I would also throw in Facebook and Facebook ads as a potential source for leads as well you can generally get leads for $5-$10 in most markets with Facebook and can be another option to test.

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