Lead generation is the most important part of your business, and often the most expensive. Buying real estate leads to support even a single high-performing agent will probably set you back $1000s/mo.

Wherever your leads are coming from, they are useless without good lead nurturing. Indeed, if your lead nurturing is broken, then buying buyer and seller leads can easily have a negative return on your money. A conversion rate of 2% and 4% can be the difference between a scalable model and bankruptcy. Don’t buy leads until you have a plan in place for how to work them.

I also recommend building other pillars than just paid leads. You should have referrals and your sphere of influence, of course. And you should have at least two other sources of leads. Other lead sources like referrals or farming a neighborhood can have much higher ROIs, but take time to develop. Be sure you are building other sources of business than just the leads you are paying for.

Lead Capture – No Fake names or numbers

What happens then is you need to create a killer follow-up sequence to segment and keep these leads interesting. Using chatbots, CRM automation, and texting sequences and autoresponders are the perfect way to go about this.


Showcase your eco-friendly marketing side

Agents can reduce your paper output (reducing your overall carbon footprint) by delivering information about your real estate listings to potential homebuyers using our proprietary mobile platform. Never fear an empty brochure box again…

Lawn Signs/Sign Riders

One way to use QR codes in real estate is to put them on lawn signs or Laser Flyers patented QR Code sign riders. By generating a QR code through our Real Estate Mobile Marketing Platform and placing it on a property-specific sign, any interested party (Homebuyers or Neighbors) can immediately access the property information in real-time directly from your website and MLS – Automatically.

Return on Investment

This lessens the potential cooling-off time between initial interest and inquiry, allows potential homebuyers to know right away if the property meets their needs and/or budget, and decreases the number of “dead” leads for agents to sift through. If the property is right for them, the homebuyer is able to immediately inquire about your listing in real-time, using our Click-to-Call, Click-to-Text, or Click-to-Call features while your dashboard captures mobile, social, and total touch interactions from users.

Realtors Showcase their Eco-Friendly Marketing Side

* Our Patented QR Code locator with texting your personalized user-friendly Mobile Website applications…
* Sellers Expectations – Eliminates seller’s request/s for additional flyers to fill their empty flyer box and potential exposures to germs.
* Potential buyers access your mobile website content in “Real-Time” from the comfort of their vehicle.
* Paperless Real Estate Business, State of the Art Marketing and (NO MORE COSTLY FLYERS) = Green Technology
* All with the focus on one thing – the bottom line, selling houses…

Mobile is simply the wave of the future! Wouldn’t you want to be in a GREEN Real Estate market that every homeowner, business, organization, and entrepreneur will need and is turning to?